January 3, 2016

Board of Directors

Board of Directors   2016-2017
Pat Watson patwatson@patwatson.com  Executive Director
Michael Ford mford@Primavera.org  President
Patricia Houston patricia.houston@gmail.com  Vice President
Alma Peralta acperalta@gmail.com  Secretary
 Maria Valdez-Cardenas mvcardenas74@gmail.com  Treasurer
Justin Allred jallredlaw@VTC.net  Member at Large
Abbi Gold abbi.gold0161@gmail.com  Member at Large
Weston Brown wcbrown@pima.edu  Member at Large
Peter Becskehazy pbecskehazy@pima.edu  Past President
Rose Rojas christinerojas3@gmail.com  Member at Large

We are currently looking for members to serve on the board of directors.  If you are interested in serving, please contact Pat Watson, Executive Director or Peter Becskehazy, President for more information (see above).  You must be a paid member to serve; please see the membership page.