The Sonoran Grant Project

In July 2019 Citizen Diplomacy Alliance, in partnership with the US Consulate in Nogales, Sonora, began a 5 week (Saturday) program for 15  7 & 8th grade girls in Nogales, Sonora on STEM.

Alma Peralta, board member of Citizen Diplomacy Alliance, headed up this project.  She lined up the programs, attended all the sessions and encouraged the girls to not only learn but to have fun while doing it.

Dr. John Ratje from Safford, Arizona spent the first day with the girls building a rocket.  Each team of 3 built a rocket that they then had the opportunity to set into the sky at the end of the day.  Each and every one launched!!  A couple actually had the parachute deploy on the downward trip, three just didn’t make it, they blew up in the sky!  What a great lesson for the girls, science works!

Rose Rojas, another CDA board member, worked with the girls and had them not only excited about the lessons but were so grateful one girl presented Rose with a rose that she had made.  What a great memory!

There were many lessons, many presenters and a thousand memories for the girls.  We thank each and every one of those that took their time and shared with the girls.

Next will be the South Tucson program for 9th graders in STEAM.  If you want to help by donating either money or your time to this project please let us know.  It will be held in the fall or early winter.  Rose Rojas will be heading up this program.

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