If you could ask a United States Ambassador

If you could ask a United States Ambassador anything about the past, current, or
future state of a country or region, or its role in global events, what would you
want to know? I ask because Citizen Diplomacy Alliance’s (CDA) new series of
Zoom programs “World Watch†lets you sit at home at your computer or device
and “meet†our Ambassadors speaking directly from their current assignments.
You may even have your own questions answered live and in person.

So far, CDA World watch has “Zoomed†in on Mexico with current Ambassador
Christopher Landau; on situations in Central America and the expulsion of the US
delegation from Venezuela with Ambassador Todd Robinson; and on our
neighbors in the Caribbean Region with Ambassador to Barbados, Linda
Taglialatela. More recently U.S. Ambassador to Colombia, Philip Goldberg,
addressed positive collaborations with the Colombian government to weaken drug
cartels and terrorism, and to strategize resolution to the devasting crises in
Venezuela. The words of the Ambassadors are not only informative: they are
thought-provoking and even inspiring.
The Ambassadors share insights into their roles in developing and maintaining
relationships with the host country, historical contexts, current issues and
challenges, and projections for the future. And they are candid about both
successes achieved and on-going challenges in the role the U.S. is playing on the
regional and global stages.
Zooming in is free and open to the public, but you do have to pre-register. If you
would like to join us in World Watch, all you have to do is email CDA Executive
Director, Pat Watson, at patwatson@patwatson.com and let her know you that you
would like to participate in our programs. By providing your email address, you
will receive notification of all upcoming events, instructions on how to submit
questions for the Ambassadors, and instructions for Zooming in.
Upcoming programs: Zoom in on:

o the African Union with Ambassador Jessye Lapenn, September 24, 2020, at
9:00 AM Mountain Standard Time

Join us. Meet our US Ambassadors. And watch the changing world as it is