Citizen Diplomacy Alliance co-sponsored a ZOOM with featured speaker Kevin Lin

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On November 17, the Citizen Diplomacy Alliance co-sponsored a ZOOM conversation on the future of Hong Kong and U.S.-China Relations with the University of Arizona and Pima Community College. The featured speaker was Kevin Lin, researcher at the Global China Social Research Hub, Hong Kong University. Topics covered by Mr. Lin included:  What are the prospects for the continuation or revival of the ‘one country, two systems’ principle for Hong Kong, and for democracy advocacy? Are the US and the PRC fated to ever greater strategic competition and conflict, and how does the outcome of the recent presidential election affect that relationship? Seventy participants from Southern Arizona and different locations in the U.S. and Asia engaged Mr. Lin in an informative discussion that offered insights into the status of the Hong Kong legislature and international financial and business activities in Hong Kong. Erich Saphir, Chair of the Political Science Department, Pima Community College, Dr. Fabio Lanza, Associate Professor, Modern Chinese History, University of Arizona, and Peter Becskehazy, Adjunct Faculty, Political Science, Pima Community College, and board member of Citizen Diplomacy Alliance, were co-moderators. 

Written by Peter Becskehazy