Kevin Carlos and Alexander Gorev

On his trip to Tucson to speak at the Citizen Diplomacy Annual Meeting IVLP Director at the Institute of International Education (IIE), Alexander Gorev, met with Kevin Carlos of the Shadow Wolves to thank him for his participation with the programs Citizen Diplomacy Alliance has sent to the Shadow Wolves in Sells, AZ.

This amazing team of Tohono O’odham officers with DHI are the best at what they do, tracking illegal activity along the border. “The Shadow Wolves specialize in the interdiction of human and drug smugglers in the Sonoran Desert, utilizing both technology and the traditional tracking methods. In addition to the use of high-tech equipment, the unit relies on tracking techniques such as “cutting for sign”, which includes investigating any kind of physical evidence left by smugglers (e.g., footprints, tire tracks, thread, clothing).[2] The Shadow Wolves are the Department of Homeland Security’s only Native American tracking unit specifically utilized for targeted interdiction operations” (taken from Wikipedia)

Citizen Diplomacy Alliance is grateful to both Director Gorev and Officer Carlos for their support.