US Judicial System: Protecting Women and Children – April 2024

Five women visitors representing Albania, Argentina, Georgia, Morocco and Romania were able to meet with a wide range of professionals to learn, and share their knowledge, about protecting women and children.

One of the meetings was with the Southern Arizona Legal Aide and Executive Director Anthony Young. The discussion was lively, informative and valuable.

The group also enjoyed a lunch at the Silver Saddle Steakhouse with good food, fun discussion and discussions on subjects of interest to them. They enjoyed having our driver, Brian, join them for lunch.

The visitors were home hosted while they were in Tucson, enjoyed a hike, visited the Miniature Museum, attended a comedy show and shopped!

The final day of programming saw the group head to Nogales, Arizona to meet with the Santa Cruz County Chief Deputy, Gerado Castillo and some of his people. Then down to the courthouse for a tour of a historical area followed by a walking tour along the border wall.

They will head off to their next city tomorrow morning for more experiences and memories. We are delighted they came to Tucson through the IIE program with the Department of State. Each was delightful, we hope they can use the information they learned here to help with their work to make like safer and better for women and children in their home countries.